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Ebola: Do Your Own Thinking

This blog is taken from the Voice of Prophecy. The application is powerful in respects to our religious and spiritual lives. I would love to trust the CDC,  I really would.  In fact, I hope that the information trickling out of official government channels is accurate.  I hope that the most paranoid among us is […]

Childhood reflection of Halloween

As Halloween approaches, I wanted to share this: When I was little, I would almost beg my mom to let me go trick-or-treating. I wasn’t that I cared about the costumes or home decorations; all I cared about was the candy. But it was to no avail. Until one year, she relented and agreed to […]

8 Ways to Reignite Your Love for Your Church

The church is sometimes not easy to love. People claim to be Christian but act like the devil. We say the words, “I love the church” while knowing our heart isn’t there. Still, though, we’re called to love one another (John 15:12). Here are some ways to begin reigniting that love: Read 1 Corinthians. In […]

5 Christianese Relationship Cliches to Stop Using

“I’m dating Jesus” and other phrases to dump from your vocabulary. This article was originally posted at Is it just me or does there tend to be a certain lingo in the Christian culture when it comes to the topic of relationships? We throw around certain phrases, coating them with so-called faith, when really, […]