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Thankful for tires

Last Sabbath (11/24/12), I preached at the Grand Blanc church about the spirit and attitude of thanksgiving (A few days after Thanksgiving Day).  But more so from that stand point of giving thanks when there seems to be little to no reason for it. A few days later, God hit me over the head with […]

Drug Worship

Just finished reading something and decided to post.   Normally don’t like to criticize publicly and nor do I intend to do so, though the wording of the post title may indicate otherwise. The famous quote by Karl Marx regarding religion is that it is the opium of the masses.  Unfortunately the wording of a new study […]

Innocence and the Heart

As we grow up, most people expect to lose their innocence and maybe even look forward to it; other’s may even celebrate it.  Within humanity there seems to be this desire to engage in this trading session of our innocence for whatever sort “able to make one wise” thing.  (Please note that there is a […]