History: How Adventism Came to Holly – And How it Grew

Dear Church Family,

Several years ago I researched and wrote the history of the Holly, Michigan, Seventh-day  Adventist Church which included much of Adelphian Academy’s early years. The title is HOW ADVENTISM CAME TO HOLLY, MICHIGAN — And How it Grew.  Printing was expensive at that time so only a few Xeroxed copies were made.

Since 2013 is the 150th anniversary of the denomination’s organization, it seemed fitting that a revised and updated version of this historic manuscript be printed. It includes life sketches of early Michigan Adventist Pioneers, information about the Holly headquarters of the former East Michigan Conference, Camp meetings on the AA Campus, photos of all old and new AA buildings, local church school information up to the current 10-grade Adelphian Junior Academy, together with accounts of the Consecration and Dedication services for our current SDA Church on Fish Lake Road.

The introductory price for mailing is $14.95. That includes tax and free shipping & handling. For $12, area residents may pick up their copies locally… For each copy sold, $1.00 will go to the Adelphian Junior Academy Worthy Student Fund. Copies may be reserved by sending name, address and check to: Evelyn J. Lutz, P.O. Box #223, Holly, MI, 48442-1425. They will also be available at the Corn Roast on Sunday 8/25/13 at Adelphian Juniot Academy.

Thank you,
Evelyn Lutz
AA Girls Dorm