Pathfinder Winter Camp

The Pathfinder Winter Camp for Area 6 was great.

The theme for the camp was Finish Strong.

Our Pastor, David Salazar was the speaker for the weekend, his five topics were:

Friday Night: God equips us not only to run the race, but to finish strong.  (You Are Remembered by Your Finish)

Sabbath Morning: Failure is an Event, Not a Destiny (Famous Failures)

Sabbath Morning: If God has given you a dream, no one can take it away (Story of Joseph and his coats)

Sabbath Vespers: You May be Following the RIGHT person at the WRONG Distance (Peter’s failure because he followed at a distance)

Sunday Morning: If your not enough without it, you’ll never be enough with it (Is Jesus Enough?)

Here’s a video of one portion of the traditional pillow-fight.

Pastor & wife pillow fight