It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog.

A couple of months ago, aside from the regular duties of life and work, my parents were flying in. So, those preparations had to be made.  In the back of my mind from the beginning of the day I knew that I had to fill up the car with gasoline.  There was enough for a typical Sabbath day, but not enough gas for a round trip to and from Detroit Metro Airport and also the driving on Sabbath.

Unfortunately each time I drove that day, I drove my pickup instead (the typical vehicle I use).  Then came time to hurry up to drive to the airport. I rushed out the door, got in the car with two things in mind: 1. Fill-up, and  2. Wash the car.  I was nervous about Sabbath approaching.  From the previous week, I knew that Sabbath came at the half-hour, and I had about 15 minutes.  I looked at  my sunset app on my phone and saw that I had 13 today (so no washing of the car…).  I drive on N. Holly to Grange Hall to one of the gas stations.  I get there with 4 minutes to fill up before Sabbath. Filled up the tank and was done.  I had finished my transaction before the Sabbath.

Ever get that feeling of accomplishment when you finish all the regular business just before Sabbath comes; that feeling of Yes I did and didn’t break the Sabbath. Yet, I didn’t feel very good.  It wasn’t a guilty feeling, but a disappointing feeling.  While I had not violated the Sabbath commandment, my mind was not in a state of readiness for it.

That’s what happens when we play close to the lines in not being ready in relation to spiritual things, our families, our employment, etc.  The joy and delight get sapped out.  Being ready, having a relaxed state of mind to be able to receive the Sabbath gift is not legalism, but a taste of a relationship with God.

P.S. – After filling up the tank and driving off, some minutes later I noticed that I still had an hour to go before sunset. In my state of distractedness I lost track of time, and didn’t even realize the light in the sky. So in the end, I wasn’t even close to break the Sabbath or fiddling around with the edges of the Sabbath; but my lack of readiness for it, created a distraction that didn’t allow me to receive the Sabbath with anticipation and thankfulness even when I had an extra hour.

In all sorts of ways, even in our daily duties, Satan will try all to distract us, and if we don’t stay alert at all times, while we may not physically sin or leave the church, mentally, we may have.

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8