Ecuador: Day 6

D6: Tuesday, March 20

The day started out slow at the new Venus site.  Requesting permission to modify certain things from the plan.  Once that was cleared, it was WORK!  This time we had to break through the concrete.  Most of the day there were clouds, so that was good.  The team continues to interact with the local people there and are having a wonderful experience taking in the culture and learning about it and its people.

For lunch Sybil made a delicious stir-fry (2 kinds). VBS continues to grow in size. Number of kids is about 160. Trying to do physical activity games is difficult but the kids don’t seem to mind to much, even when they fall and scrape themselves.  Oh and boy, do they sing LOUD!

After the evening meeting, pastor spoke with some individuals that stood up for baptism.  There was a couple that wanted to but needed the lady needed to be divorced.  Plans were made so she could take care of that Thursday or Friday.  Aside from baptisms on Friday, there would be a wedding as well.

At the hotel, a couple of young teenagers came from Guayaquil to sell souvenirs products.   They were raising money for young people that needed money to attend the Adventist school there.

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