Ecuador: Day 9

D9: Friday, March 23

Our last “real” day in this wonderful country.  One of the ladies who works at the hotel wanted to cook breakfast for us as a gesture of their appreciation for us (We are the one’s appreciative of them).

Pastor calls to confirm that the bus will pick us up tomorrow morning at 5AM.  The response was negative because payment hadn’t been received.  So we rush to fix that.  Everything today is very rushed.  Taking pictures together as a whole group at the two sites.  Also, since VBS time was closing in on us very fast we needed to eat quickly so we go to the Food Court at the mall.  Then a quick trip to the hotel to change and then to VBS.

As we arrive, we are shocked.  There are tons of kids (a later count would show that there were over 300 kids).  Stuffed toys were going to be given to every child, but it was unsure if there were enough for 300. Once again God provides.  Also the ladies of the local church made a gift for our ladies who were helping. Many pictures and hugs are taken and given.  Many times the question asked “when are you coming back”?  During the time between getting back from VBS and the night meeting, our hotel staff asks some questions about Adventism. Plans are made to have a family given them bible studies.

The night meeting had a PowerPoint presentation of pictures of the construction and together time, which was really special.  Pastor gives his final message.  Baptismal vows follow for three individuals.

Unfortunately the couple that wanted to get married couldn’t.  The lady got divorced and when she went to to the paperwork for marriage they said she couldn’t because here ID has her married last name. If she had an ID with out the married name there would be no problem, but that she had to wait 8 days.   The person that could sign the waiver was on vacation.  Also another young man who was scheduled lived very far off and it couldn’t get to the church.  These individuals are scheduled to be baptized Easter weekend.

Lot’s of joy as three precious souls enter and exit the waters of baptism, now adopted into the family of God.  Many pictures are taken with the people there.  Afterwards the two families that lead out the two churches had us over for a last dinner.  Gifts and words of gratitude were exchanged.  We head back to the hotel and take more pictures with the hotel staff.  Not a lot of time to sleep as the bus leaves at 5AM.

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