Innocence and the Heart

As we grow up, most people expect to lose their innocence and maybe even look forward to it; other’s may even celebrate it.  Within humanity there seems to be this desire to engage in this trading session of our innocence for whatever sort “able to make one wise” thing.  (Please note that there is a huge distinction between ignorance and innocence.)

Titus 1:15 says –

To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure.

Paul is stating that our world views is shaped greatly by the shape that your heart is in (not the physical shape of the heart of course).  If you are distrusting , you’ll most likely see others and God in that way. If you’re sarcastic, you’ll see others and God that way. If you are optimistic, you’ll see others and God that way.

While it is too late to go back and restart or undo our past, the grace that God grants to us allows us to be transformed little by little each day. After all, the shape of our heart that God is calling us to is “purity of the heart”. And even if the world doesn’t change, having purity of the heart will allow you to see the world a little better.