The Rumor

Is it true or isn’t it? “The Rumor” is a digital short presented by the Office of Adventist Mission during its report to the Annual Council of the Executive Committee of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The video, which opens with the lines, “This is a false report about a false rumor,” takes a “what if” look at the church as it faces declining mission offerings.  – Adventist Mission

Too often the $1 bill for kids seems to be a cute idea, and that is where the mentality has stayed, instead of the global outlook and the sacrifice about being a world church and really being serious about the gospel to every nation.

For adults, the easing of our conscious is a dangerous game to play.  We need to ask ourselves the question, is this beautiful message worth it.  Verbally we know the answer, but will that answer spread from the mouth to the heart which will touch the pocketbook?

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