Sermons on Isaiah

Justice: It’s Not Fair

We give different definitions for justice and righteousness than the Bible does; and it makes a huge different when we thinking about God as judging us. Also we humans like to talk about equality and justice and often fail short because we first start with equality and leave out justice. While God starts with justice, which can seem unfair at the moment, but it ultimately turn out to be true equality.

Isaiah: Return to Me

God is not only a God who invites us to “Come”, but also the loving God that after with fall and sin, still says “Return to Me”. Part of that returning is recognizing that we are God’s servants, and that when we are God’s servants it includes being servants one to another. Communion connects those two ideas as well, it does not allow for us to be servants of God and not each other. (Note: First 12 of 24 minutes were not recorded)

Isaiah: Labor Day

How many of us observe Labor Day true to its intention and purpose? Probably few it any at all. God tells us through Isaiah that He has a Labor Day as well, that not only extends to the Jewish nation, but all every foreigner that wanted to join the community of faith. Even the outcast and those rejected by ceremonial laws were invited to come to God’s House, and the symbol of that promise was God’s Labor Day.