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Ecuador: Day 10

D10: Saturday, March 24 Normally, one tries to avoid travel on Sabbath, this time it couldn’t be avoided.  Most slept on the way over the Guayaquil.  As we got there our driver for the first and last part of our trip met us at the airport and stayed with us a bit.  He gave some […]

Ecuador: Day 9

D9: Friday, March 23 Our last “real” day in this wonderful country.  One of the ladies who works at the hotel wanted to cook breakfast for us as a gesture of their appreciation for us (We are the one’s appreciative of them). Pastor calls to confirm that the bus will pick us up tomorrow morning […]

Ecuador: Day 8

D8: Thursday, March 22 Since the churches were finished yesterday, the family transporting us around took us to Guayaquil.  Took a stroll around downtown and ate a vegetarian restaurant.  Then took a 45 minute drive to the beach. Went to go eat dinner then walked up 500 steps to the old lighthouse. Click Here for Day […]

Ecuador: Day 7

D7: Wednesday, March 21 Work continued to go on with the Venus church.  Since most of us no what to do from the previous church, we are able to shave an hour off from the previous church time to complete the structure.  A young man showed up to help.  He had left the Adventist church […]

Ecuador: Day 6

D6: Tuesday, March 20 The day started out slow at the new Venus site.  Requesting permission to modify certain things from the plan.  Once that was cleared, it was WORK!  This time we had to break through the concrete.  Most of the day there were clouds, so that was good.  The team continues to interact […]

Ecuador: Day 5

D5: Monday, March 19 Work continues on the Playa Grande Church.  The old roof that they had, have not been made into doors for their bathrooms.  It was a very hot day and some of the team is starting to get sunburned.  Lunch is held on site to get more time in for the work.  […]